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'Do you remember the days of "dial-up"? The strange electronic white noise, the waiting to connect, and the painful process of wading through web pages? The cheapest broadband offer may n...ot be the best. Nine million households in Britain have turned their backs on these slow internet connections, and switched to broadband, freeing up their phone and allowing them to really surf the web. Some 70,000 homes are now signing up for broadband every week, making it one of the fastest growing consumer products yet.'
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Series: The Money Programme
First transmission date: 02-08-2006
Published: 2006
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Duration: 00:28:58
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Director: Dan Trelford
Producer: Dan Trelford
Presenter: Michael Robinson
Contributors: Nicolas Didio; Charles Dunstone; Chris Harris; Dale Harris; Kay Harris; Samantha Harris; Maureen Harrison; Ian Livingstone; James Murdoch; Michael Robinson; Emma Sanderson; Chris williams; Charlie Wilson; Dave Wilson
Publisher: BBC Open University
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Subject terms: Broadband communication systems; Computer networks; Digital communications
Production number: LSGB677B
Videofinder number: 7318
Available to public: no