If you have read the project title you might ask how it is possible to take the distance out of distance learning, or you might consider distance learning to be exactly where it should be; at a dis...tance and in your own time. But what about the OU’s newer generation of students who are not only getting younger but who are also studying in a new era of online teaching for the delivery of module material. Surely this then means that students are now best placed to create and enjoy networking opportunities that were once limited to telephone calls and physically meeting other students face to face. Distance learners are also, for the most part of their studies, isolated from the academic environment and associated opportunities to ‘talk it out’, meaning students can be denied opportunities for regular verbal debate and at times the associated confidence to do so. This presentation will show new students where opportunities to network and engage exist within the OU frameworks and beyond, as a way of opening up communication opportunities. A discussion panel will share results from the taking the ‘distance’ out of distance learning survey and provide advice tailored for students who are new to the OU.
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Episode Day 2 Part 4
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