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Dr Katie Mary Chicot

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Research groups

NameTypeParent Unit
Pure Maths: Combinatorics Research GroupGroupFaculty of Mathematics, Computing and Technology


A Classification of Countable Lower 1-transitive Linear Orders (2018-07)
Barbina, Silvia and Chicot, Katie
Order, 35(2) (pp. 215-231)

On sparse countably infinite Steiner triple systems (2010)
Chicot, K. M.; Grannell, M. J.; Griggs, T. S. and Webb, B. S.
Journal of Combinatorial Designs, 18(2) (pp. 115-122)

The Small index property for countable 1-transitive linear orders (2005-02)
Chicot, K. and Truss, J.K.
Glasgow Mathematical Journal, 47(1) (pp. 69-75)

Countable 1-transitive trees (2017-06-28)
Chicot, Katie M. and Truss, John K.
In: Droste, Manfred; Fuchs, László; Goldsmith, Brendan and Strüngmann, Lutz eds. Groups, Modules and Model Theory - Surveys and Recent Developments, in Memory of Rüdiger Göbel (pp. 225-268)
ISBN : 978-3-319-51717-9 | Publisher : Springer International Publishing AG

Distance travelled: supporting women returning to STEM careers (2012-04)
Herman, Clem; Whitelegg, Liz; Kirkup, Gill and Chicot, Katie
In : HEA STEM Annual Conference (12-13 Apr 2012, London, UK)