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Nairobi conference image AERC DEGRP
24 November 2016

Can industrial policy be used to transform economies and create jobs? The DEGRP and AERC conference in Nairobi looks for answers.

Chinese NOCs video 5 image
6 October 2016

How might African countries be empowered so that a better balance is created in terms of sharing the resources extracted from them? (5/5)

Chinese NOCs video 4 image
6 October 2016

When the dynamics of NOCs are combined with those of African politics, what are the outcomes in terms of job creation and inclusiveness? (4/5)

Chinese NOCs video 3 image
6 October 2016

Exploring the links between Chinese NOCs and the economic development of the countries in which they invest. (3/5)

Chinese NOCs video 2 drivers image
6 October 2016

A look at China's transition from exporting oil, to becoming the world's largest importer. (2/5)

Chinese NOCs video 1 key drivers image
6 October 2016

How are Chinese NOCs adapting to meet both their commercial interests and the interests of the countries in which they're investing? (1/5)

Community-owned solutions to generation of electricty: webinar image
19 September 2016

Andrea Berardi hosts a webinar contrasting the traditional centralised approach to electricity generation with a new community-controlled model.

Healthcare in Africa image
9 August 2016

Maureen Mackintosh and Julius Mugwagwa explore some of the interconnections between industrial development and health.

Dinar Kale Medical Devices Graveyard
28 July 2015

Medical devices donated to developing countries are often of the wrong type or broken. Could new research resolve this and improve healthcare?

Raphael Kaplinsky image
18 June 2015

A celebration of the 40+ years Professor Raphie Kaplinsky has been researching the economics of innovation, globalisation and development.