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ArguEd Argumentation Education

Project leader(s): 
Paul Piwek

This project investigated the use of the argument mapping technique for helping Computing and Technology students with developing their argument analysis skills. The focus was on scaffolding of these skills through interactive computer-marked assessment.

The approach was deployed in the Level 1 gateway module TU100 (‘My digital life’). Both quantitative and qualitative feedback on the approach was analysed. The results were presented at the 2013 HEA STEM and IEEE EDUCON conferences.

Related resources

Piwek, P. (2014) Argumentation Education (ArguEd) eSTEeM Final Report. (PDF)

Piwek, P. (2013). Supporting computing and technology distance learning students with developing argumentation skills. In: IEEE Global Engineering Education Conference (EDUCON 2013), 12-15 March 2013, Berlin, pp. 258-267.

The following video shows an example of an interactive computer marked exercise which is aimed at helping students develop the skill to analyse the argumentative structure of a short piece of text.

The expected analysis is in the form of an argument map/diagram which visualises this structure. The map depicts how the claims in the text are connected through argumentative relations (i.e. SUPPORT and OPPOSE). The exercise is implemented in OpenMark and integrated in a Moodle quiz. This paper describes the context of the exercise and evaluation results.