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Can a new OU Study App enhance the learning experience of students on S350, an online only module?

Project leader(s): 
Simon Collinson, Rachel McMullan and Catherine Halliwell

A range of 20 modules volunteered to pilot a new OU Study App in 19J. The aims of the developers are to access the ever-increasing time that OU students spend daily on their mobile devices (eMarketer, 2017) for valuable study within the busy lives of OU students such as while on their daily commute or break at work.

Our research questions are therefore ‘How can OU students best engage with the OUStudyApp to optimise their study? What aspects of the App are critical to supporting the student learning journey and should be developed next/further?’

The impacts and uses will be guidance for other modules (in LHCS and STEM more broadly) for module teams, ALs and students on the most effective use of the OU Study App to enhance the learning experience of students. We will also feedback into the future development by the OUStudyApp project team.

The overall outcomes will be a clear guide for students (and tutors) on how to gain maximum benefit from the App such as what it can and can’t do, how to best integrate it within their study programme, how to keep on track when using different modes of study.

Correct guidance to manage student expectations and use of the OU Study App should lead to an enhanced learning experience for student. In particular, we hope to demonstrate how it can be best used to keep students in contact with the module, not feel isolated or overwhelmed when they have to prioritise other commitments, so that they do not passively withdraw or do the minimum to pass.

eMarketer (2017) in-App vs Mobile Web [Online]. Available at  (Accessed 28/8/19)

Collins, S., McMullan, R. and Halliwell, C. (2019) project poster (PDF)