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Supporting Degree Apprenticeship students: Tutors’ and Students’ perspectives

Project leader(s): 
Soraya Kouadri Mostéfaoui

The OU is currently devising an academic model for degree apprenticeships and the area of greatest relevance for this project is  “Accessible provision and a seamless apprenticeship experience”

There are many gaps in what is known as it is a new venture for the OU, so student surveys and interviews will be needed to shed the light on these gaps and any other issues that students and/or tutors will be facing.

The overarching research questions include:

  • DA students tuition support
  1. Support from subject-specific tutors; what are the specific issues that DA students face?
  2. Support from practice tutors; how can practice tutors best integrate support from the university and employers to ensure a seamless apprenticeship experience?
  • DA students employer support
  1. How the OU can/should work alongside employers to improve support?
  • DA students assessment
  • How can we integrate work-based assessment (relevant to the students’ work place) into the degree apprenticeship programme?
  • How can we make the OU offering stand out?

The project will investigate the issues on supporting DA students. Our case study will primarily be the first DA modules in the C&C department. Namely, the level 1 module TMX130 and the level 1 work based learning module TXY122. Both the students’ and the tutors’ perspectives will be considered, issues will be identified and good practices noted. This work will inform production of new modules and the tuition strategies of other DA modules. It will also feed into potential new eSTEeM projects and pave the way for new eSTEeM project on DA students’ experiences at Level 2.

SEaM data can be used for feedback at module end (TMXY130 and possible TXY122), and there is also the possibility of using analytics data (Analytics for Action toolkit, 2017)

The project is timely as any ‘gaps’ or ‘good practices’ in the students’ support should be identified as early as possible in the lifecycle in order to inform further DA modules developments.

Reference list

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Soraya Kouadri and Christine Gardner presentation