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Associate Lecturers’ Involvement in Improved Practice in a SXPS288 Labcast Delivery

Project leader(s): 
Venetia Brown

SXPS288 ‘Remote Experiments in Physics and Space’ will be presented in 19J as a re-written module of the previous SXPA288. SXPS288-19J will broadcast live, interactive web-broadcasts (i.e. labcasts) throughout various blocks of the module. There are ten Associate Lecturers (ALs) and approximately 200 students on the module. For the 19J presentation, there will be a new student project and remote experiment in the module that will be supported by labcasts. Recent findings indicate that labcasts in OU STEM modules can have a positive impact on student learning, motivation and engender deeper engagement with the wider OU science community (Thomson and Velasco, 2019). However, overall cohort participation and voluntary staff uptake in optional labcasts events remain relatively low. 

To address these issues, the project will run and evaluate a labcast initiative for ALs to learn more about the new aspects of the module and engage in a SXPS288 labcast. The module team chair has agreed to present this labcast. All ten ALs will be asked to participate. As some ALs are aware of the labcasts and some are not, the project aim would be to give ALs a greater understanding of the practical elements of labcasting and of the student experience to better support students on the module.

The project will investigate ALs experiences and perspectives on labcasting. The impacts of this project will be to listen to the ALs’ voice on their roles, facilitate their professional development and inform future labcast designs. This project is aimed specifically at ALs and will complement a wider PhD study of student experience and participation in labcasts. The findings of both studies will feed into the development of future SXPS288 presentations. Labcasts are also used in other modules across STEM, therefore the findings will  inform understanding and provide recommendations to other module teams in their overall labcast and tuition strategies.

Brown, V. and Cayless, A. (2019) project poster (PDF)