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  5. A review of the use of Office 365 and Adobe Connect for active learning by ALs tutoring on T227 and TXY227

A review of the use of Office 365 and Adobe Connect for active learning by ALs tutoring on T227 and TXY227

Project leader(s): 
Katharine Jewett

There are pockets of innovation taking place within the AL community in how digital technologies are being used for teaching and learning; from use of discussion forums to support practice learning to using Adobe Connect for active learning and Onenote being used to support students with learning difficulties or for those who just want to get better at organising ideas. The challenges and opportunities of using digital technologies for learning and the impact on the learner experience are not widely shared. Digital skills are not integrated into the day-to-day professional practice of all ALs, whatever their subject area. ALs themselves bring many skills and experiences from their use of digital technologies. Some of these may need to be adapted and progressed if they are to support students more widely. But in other ways - such as their use of Office 365 and Adobe Connect and their habits of sharing and collaborating online – ALs have much to show us.

I will utilise a survey report for quantitative data and to capture information from ALs tutoring on two modules within the STEM faculty: T227  - Change, Strategy and Projects at work, an OU level 2 module and TXY227, the equivalent compulsory module studied by students taking the BSc (Honours) Digital and Technology Solutions Degree Apprenticeship, BSc (Honours) IT: Software Development Graduate Apprenticeship and BSc (Honours) Cyber Security Graduate Apprenticeship.   

The research will:

  • Identify what OU approved technologies (Office 365 and Adobe Connect) are being used by ALs on the ground, why and how.
  • Explore how digital technologies can help ALs meet responsibilities under disability and equality law
  • Understand from ALs how digital technologies can support day-to-day learning habits for students, as well as, subject-specific practices from best practice within AL community.
  • Keep up to date with new approaches and new ways of using technology to support student learning, wherever it takes place.

Katharine Jewitt project poster