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4.07 Investigating police family wellbeing and support needs UK

Academic team: Sarah-Jane Lennie, Arun Sondhi, Daniela Abinashi
Policing partners: N/A
Status: In progress


This study will address the lack of UK research on policing families by providing initial insights into family functioning and wellbeing and provide evidence to inform government policy, employer and stakeholder services and support for this population. Initial work will involve a desk top review of the existing literature in the police family area and a review of existing provision for police families within the UK.  This will be drawn together in a formal report to The College of Policing, which will include recommendations for a programme of work going forward.

Following this, and working directly with police families, the intention is to capture the lived experience of police families and give voice to this often-unheard community. This will take the form of a mixed methods approach of focus group and survey. Through this the study seeks to provide initial credible primary data to advise future research.

Whilst the findings and recommendations of this work will be situated within the policing community, the findings of this study have the potential to inform guidance and support services for other ER families, who likely face similar challenges. The findings from this study are also intended to inform the development of a program of ongoing, collaborative research within this area, demonstrating additional value from this funding.


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