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Theme 3: Leadership, management and organisation


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3.17 Visible policing: the affective properties of police buildings images and material culture

Examines the nature and impact of visible policing through activities and material practices that shapes perceptions of police

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3.18 Research into Practice and Practice in Research? Exploring the role and impact of CPRL in evidence based policing 

Exploring and understanding how research evidence from the Centre for Policing Research and Learning is used and knowledge mobilised to improve policing practice

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3.21 Leadership with political astuteness: The dynamics of police working with politicians

This project aims to understand better how senior police officers approach working with elected politicians. 

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3.27 Building the evidence base for effective tutoring of police recruits

This project seeks to make sense of a key factor influencing the success of both the Uplift programme and the PEQF – the Tutor Constable role. 

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3.01 Rebuilding of organisational trust after a period of difficulty

This research investigated the concept of crisis, explained how crises can lead to blame and why crisis leadership is a key component of policing.

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3.02 Challenges and possibilities of the implementation of the policing Code of Ethics

A qualitative analysis of the stories and accounts of officers who have worked with and under the new policing code of ethics.

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3.03 Demand management – study of internal demand pressures

This project is part of the Centre's research into ways in which demand can be managed and sustainably reduced.

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3.04 Ethical practice in policing

A qualitative analysis of policing professionals engagement with the codes of ethics and how this relates to their professional identity and their practice.

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3.05 Leadership to create public value

This project looked at how police leaders perceive and conceptualise public value, and whether this is different to the views of the public.

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3.07 Organisational learning

Action research programme to understand and improve knowledge/learning development, deployment and dissemination.

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3.15 Demand management in police services

Investigating how forces are addressing mismatches in demand and capacity through changes to policy and practice

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3.16 Implementing the transformation of police learning and development

This is a major undertaking so the project has been designed as action research – aiming to both understand but also work collaboratively with forces and national agencies to improve the training, learning and development function in police services, both strategically and operationally.

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3.19 Understanding culture at Milton Keynes local policing area (LPA)

This project looks to understand the culture of the Milton Keynes workforce, so that they can better understand its strengths and weaknesses, and how it can best be delivered for their policing mission.

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3.20 Mobilising for change in police learning and development

This project builds on the work of the completed project 'Implementing the transformation of police learning and development'. This project aims to build on the learning, outcomes and momentum generated in the earlier work's products.

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3.22 Organizational learning in action: 2020-2021

This project aims to embed the key findings of the OU's action research project on Organisational Learning (3.07). 

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3.23 Policing uncertainty: Decisions and action in a national emergency

The aim of the research is to identify what may be learned from the experience of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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3.24 Embedding officer learning and wellbeing in rape and serious sexual offences cases (Bluestone 1)

Exploring the relationship between the learning delivered for rape investigators, their developmental requirements and officer wellbeing. 

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3.25 Police uplift programme (PUP) Literature review

This project seeks to explore the limited, police specific research in this area and any relevant literature that exists outside of the policing arena.



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8th November 2021
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