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  4. 3.01 Rebuilding of organisational trust after a period of difficulty

3.01 Rebuilding of organisational trust after a period of difficulty

Academic team: Dr Alessandro Sancino, Dr Sandra Resohardijo, Dr Steven Chase, Colin Paine
Policing partners: Thames Valley Police
Status: Complete

Police at an evening event

Recently, the police service has come under significant criticism for the behaviour of a minority of officers and police leaders.

This research addressed the research question: ‘How can the police best deal with this negative attention in public and media when crises happen?’ More specifically, the research team investigated the concept of crisis, explained how crises can lead to blame and highlight why crisis leadership is a key component of policing.

The research used evidence to identify some key crisis leadership lessons to inform police dealing with blame during crises.


Title Output type Lead academic Year To note
Police leadership and blame games Presentation Sancino, A 2015  
Leading across multiple arenas: public managers and contemporary city leadership challenges Presentation Sancino, A 2015 Available on request
Responding to blame: understanding blame game processes following two festival disasters Presentation Resodihardjo, S 2014  



Recently published book: Valuing Public Innovation - Contributions to Theory and Practice

Professor Jean Hartley (CPRL Academic Director), along with co-writers, has had the book "Valuing Public Innovation - Contributions to Theory and Practice, by Rolf Rønning, Jean Hartley, Lars Fuglsang and Karin Gueijen" published by Palgrave Macmillan in October.

28th November 2022
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