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Dr Pat Howard. Lecturer in Music at the Open University examines some connections between opera and instrumental music in the late eighteenth century.
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Module code and title: A204, The Enlightenment
Item code: A204; 23
Recording date: 1980-02-25
First transmission date: 20-07-1980
Published: 1980
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Duration: 00:16:21
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Producer: Robert Philip
Contributor: Pat Howard
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Figaro; Jupiter Symphony; Mozart; Operatically; Symphonic movements
Footage description: With extracts from records of works by Bach. Beethoven. Mozart and Haydn, the programme attempts to show that the classical style is inherently dramatic. It's phrase structure enables the music to ask questions and to answer them, and its range of mood enables it to depict different characters in music. The main music examples are from Mozart's 'The Marriage of Figaro', the 'Jupiter Symphony No.41' and 'Eine Kleine Nachtmusik', J.S.Bach's 'Brandenburg Concerto No.3' and Haydn's 'Symphony No.101'. It is possible then to say that Mozart appeals to the heart and Haydn to the mind, and there is some truth in that, but that does not make Haydn cold or unemotional as the final musical example shows.
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