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On 20 October 1971, members of the Sherwood Forest Study Group (representatives of bodies like National Coal Board, Nature Conservancy, Ministry of Defence and so on) met in Sherwood Forest and the area on foot, explaining to Professor Hussey and Dr. Porteous of the Open University, the problems facing this piece of land. A camera crew eavesdropped, and recorded the spoil tips, dying oak trees, picnic areas, and boy soldiers digging holes. The film is made in the knowledge that all T100 students will receive a copy of the preliminary report of the study group.
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Module code and title: T100, The man-made world: a foundation course
Item code: T100; 26
First transmission date: 16-07-1972
Published: 1972
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Duration: 00:24:27
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Producer: Colin Robinson
Contributors: John Broadhead; Mike Hussey; Jack Lowe; Peter Nicholson; John Osmaston; Andrew Porteous; Hugh Tapper; David Toler; Norman Wood
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Dying oak trees; Environmental problems; Picnic areas; Sherwood Forest Study Group; Spoil tips
Footage description: The programme takes the form of a walk around the area of Sherwood Forest just north of Edwinstowe by Michael Hussey, Andrew Porteous, Norman Wood (National Coal Board), Maj. Gen. David Toler (Ministry of Defence), John Broadhead (River Trent Authority), Jack Lowe (Notts. County Planning), Peter Nicholson (Nature Conservancy), John Osmaston (Forestry Commission) & Hugh Tapper (Thorsby Estates). The commentary consists of conversations of the group during their walk and is a discussion of the environmental pressures and demands on this forest. Highlights of the walk include: Shots of a smokeless fuel installation. Effect of air pollution and fuel stores on tree planting and growth discussed. The topic is brought up again later in the programme. Shots of a water treatment plant by the side of the River Trent. Water treatment and pollution of the Trent are discussed. Shots of Boy Soldier's using part of the Forest for their training. The environmental impact is discussed. Shot of the Major Oak.
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Production number: 00521_2507
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