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This programme first examines the Germany & Russia of Kaiser & Tzar, and then with a brief reference to the fighting itself, passes on to the course of the two revolutions. The programme in...cludes material of the Munich Socialist Revolution, suppressed by the Freikorps, as well as pictures of revolutionary Berlin and film portraits of the main protagonists including one picture which could be the earliest film extant of Hitler, in 1919. The programme ends with a comparison of the film images of the two new regimes - a Russia of mass parades and propaganda, and a Germany which treats its president very much like a Kaiser.
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Module code and title: A301, War and society
Item code: A301; 08
First transmission date: 16-05-1973
Published: 1973
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Duration: 00:23:57
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Producer: Edward Hayward
Contributor: Harry Hanak
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Film; Germany; Newsfilm; Revolutions; Russia; World war
Footage description: Harry Hanak introduces the programme. He discusses the value of archive film for the period covered in his lecture. Harry Hanak contrasts Russia and Germany on the eve of the 1st World War and introduces film showing public appearances of the Czar and of Kaiser Wilhelm 11 as well as the social life of the two countries. Film of the German mobilization and troop movements in 1914 is shown and contrasted with film of the Russian army in camp and practising drill. Film of the Czar as Commander in Chief and of Hindenburg and Lundendorff of the German commanders. Harry Hanak points out the contrast. Sequence showing Austrian prisoners taken during the Brusilov offensive of 1916. German war savings film is shown, and also German film showing war relief work. Film of the March 8th revolution scenes and of Kerensky after the abdication of the Czar. Shots of the Bolschevik headquarters, and of Lenin addressing a crowd. Film sequence showing Trotsky arriving and being met by German soldiers at Brest Litovsk. Shots signing the peace treaty, and of Russian and German troops fraternising after the cease fire. Sequences showing the forces of Red and White Russians during the civil war that followed the seizure of power by the Bolosheviks. Sequence showing the famine during the Russian civil war. Harry Hanak briefly describes the political situation in Germany immediately after the end of the 1st World War and the abdication of Kaiser Wilhelm II. Sequence showing the rounding up of food black marketeers in Germany in 1918. Sequences showing demobilisation of the German troops; and arms dumps. Sequences showing scenes during the political and social unrest of the period immediately following the abdication of Kaiser Wilhelm II in Germany during the formation of the Republic. Harry Hanak describes the events and political movements of the time. Shots of Ebert and Scheideraann. Shots of Spartacists being harangued by Liebknecht and of military antibolshevik action. Film sequences showing the Bavarian Revolution, scenes shot principally in Munich; Harry Hanak describes the history of the period over film sequences. Sequences showing the Freikorps entering and leaving Munich,their job done. Shots of crowds awaiting the return of a Freikorps battalion to Garmisch; shot contains sequence in which Adolf Hitler (probably) appears. Sequences showing the scenes at the Republic's first elections. Shots of the Minister Dr David of Ebert and Scheidemann. Harry Hanak compares the immediate post war political institutions of both Germany and Russia. He examines briefly the reasons for the differing outcome of the two revolutions. Film sequence showing the parade at the installation of Hindenberg as President; General Seckt appears Film showing the lying in state of Lenin, Stalin appears. Sequence showing march past of Russian armed forces and of young Russians performing gymnastics at a mass rally.
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