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This programme looks at the structure of mitochondria and the general nature of the oxidation and phosphorylation reactions. It goes on to examine the nature of the connection that couples these processes.
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Module code and title: S322, Biochemistry and molecular biology
Item code: S322; 08
First transmission date: 16-06-1977
Published: 1977
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Duration: 00:24:00
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Producer: Jean Nunn
Contributors: Paul Linnett; Gottfried Schatz
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): ATP; Dinitrophenol; Electron transport; Membranes; Mitochondria; Oxygen electrode; Respiratory chain; Respiratory inhibition; Sub-mitochondrial particles
Footage description: Film shots, under optical magnification, shows mitochondria in chick and mouse muscle fibroblasts. Gottfried Schatz (v/o) introduces the programme. Using an electron micrograph and a diagram, Schatz points out the general features of mitochondria. He goes on to reveal the areas where oxidative phosphorylation occurs. With the aid of an animated flow diagram, Schatz (v/o) explains the general mechanism for the oxidation part of the reaction and then for phosphorylation. Schatz, using a diagram, examines in some detail the oxidation reaction pathway. Using a diagram and a model, Schatz discusses the electron transport chain (respiratory chain) in mitochondria. Paul Linnett performs an experiment which measures oxygen uptake of respiring mitochondria. He adds an electron transport inhibitor (potassium cyanide) and respiration is seen to stop. Schatz explains, with the aid of a model, that the oxidation reactions occur through a sequence of carriers in the electron transport pathway which can be studied by using inhibitors as in the experiment above. These block the pathway at specific points. Schatz goes on to explain, using a molecular model of the inner mitochondrial membrane as well as animated diagrams, the molecular mechanism which accounts for the above phenomena. As there is some controversy on this among scientists, Schatz states the majority view.
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