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This programme examines the statistics used in order to rank schools according to their degree of relative deprivation and whether this ranking is used to allocate resources to these schools. In ot...her words, the relationship of statistics to a policy of positive discrimination in education is examined. The programme consists of interviews with officers from the Inner London Education Authority. Both those concerned with researching an index of deprivation and those responsible for implementing the policy are questioned. This policy is then examined in the Deptford area. Here two schools with different characteristics are filmed and the teacher interviewed. Community workers in the area also describe the deprivation to be found in the area. Criticisms of the ILEA policy comes from the schools, the community workers and Jack Barnes who has researched the effect of this policy.
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Module code and title: D291, Statistical sources
Item code: D291; 03
First transmission date: 27-04-1975
Published: 1975
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Duration: 00:24:33
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Producer: Francis Sealey
Contributors: Vera Morris; Peter: Shipman, Marton: Braide, Bill: Lane, Shelia: Wellard, Mary: Barnes, Jack: Sullivan, Valerie: Ryder, Kenneth: Rollings, Derek: Murphy, John: Pattison, Roy: Gibbes, Asquith: Harker, David: Halliday, Caroline: Kelleher, Tony Newman
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Education; ILEA; Statistics: Deptford: Tidemill school: St. Joseph school
Footage description: Morris introduces the programme, which will deal with ILEA's deprived school index. Newsam describes the general background to the policy; Braide looks at the index in more detail. Deptford was one area of high deprivation. Gibbes describes the general social situation in Deptford. Three community workers describe their work and the attitudes of people in Deptford. Braide continues to explain what practical help is offered to schools high on the index. Shots of Tidemill and St. Joseph's school. Shipman and Newsam look at the index and its main purpose. Teachers from Tidemill discuss their work and how the extra resources they received have helped them towards their objectives. Various shots of the school, classes in progress etc. Teachers from St. Joseph's describe the community feel of Deptford and how they see the disadvantages of the ILEA special resources policy affecting their school. Barnes, an educationalist, stresses the importance of objective measurement, while Newsam puts more emphasis on teachers' opinions. Shipman and Braide outline some of the problems in setting up the index and give examples of how criteria for measurement are changed. Gibbes stresses that more than just education is needed to relieve deprivation. Barnes reviews some of the statistics on the EPA policy and how far it fails to reach the right children. Different bases for the construction of the index are briefly discussed and the general satisfaction with the current scheme expressed. Credits.
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