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Why are house prices so low in inner Baltimore and why have so many houses been abandoned? The answer seems to be that mortgage companies, aided and abetted by the Federal Housing Authority, refuse...d to lend on properties in these areas. Redlining, as this failure to lend is called, is widespread both in the United States and Britain. In this programme, Chris Hamnett, Lecturer in Geography at the Open University, looks at the problem through the research work in Baltimore of two geographers, Professor David Harvey and Dr. Lata Chattergee both at John Hopkins University. Most of this programme was filmed in Baltimore and those interviewed were: Irving Alter, a landlord and estate agent in Central Baltimore; Rev. Vincent Quayle, St. Ambrose Housing Aid Centre; Dr. Lata Chattergee, Johns Hopkins University; Prof. David Harvey, John Hopkins University; Everett Rothschild, Director, Baltimore Federal Housing Administration; and Howard Scaggs, President of the American National Building and Loan Association, who denies redlining is practised in Baltimore. In the last part of the programme Chris Hamnett discusses with Peter Williams of the Centre for Regional and Urban Studies, University of Birmingham, the extent to which redlining is practised in Britain and the reason for it.
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Module code and title: D204, Fundamentals of human geography
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First transmission date: 24-05-1977
Published: 1977
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Producer: Nigel Houghton
Contributors: Chris Hamnett; Irving Alter; David Harvey; Vincent Quayle; Howard Scaggs; Everett Rothschild; Lata Chattergee; Peter Williams
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Baltimore; Housing; Human geography; Inner city; Red lining; Bank loans
Footage description: Chris Hamnett introduces the programme. A housing auction in Baltimore. Irving Alter, landlord, explains why he has sold off many of his properties. More of the auction. Irving Alter states that the movement of the white middle classes out to the suburbs has lowered house prices. Scenes from the inner city abandoned houses. Irving Alter states that he lets the property go for tax purposes. Chris Hamnett in the studio. Views of Baltimore: factories, city centre, loan companies. David Harvey, John Hopkins University, explains that housing in the USA is a way for financial institutions to earn a profit. The institutions pool all their risks into one area, the inner city. Views of slum housing. Irving Alter states the inner city is redlined by all the financial institutions. Rev. Vincent Quayle, St. Ambrose Housing Aid Centre, states that financial institutions are ignorant about black people, as well as being prejudiced. Howard Scaggs, President of the American National Building and Loan Association, say that older housing has been neglected, but not deliberately. Chris Hamnett describes a map showing zones of housing areas in Baltimore. Irvin Alter states that the Federal Housing Administration has been involved in redlining activities. Everett Rothschild, Director, Baltimore Federal Housing Administration, argues that there is evidence of earlier redlining activities. Streets and shops: Vincent Quayle explains the practice of block-busting. Scenes from Baltimore Fair. People at work, renovating houses. Vincent Quayle argues that young white middle-class people have exposed the redlining in the city. Lata Chattergee, John Hopkins University, argues that many people have to move back into the inner city. Derelict houses; Chris Hamnett is shown around a neighbourhood housing scheme. David Harvey states that housing and land in inner cities is now becoming profitable once again. Peter Williams, Centre for Regional and Urban studies, University of Birmingham, discusses possible redlining activities in Britain. Building Societies prefer to put money into the suburbs. They prefer not to lend on properties in inner city areas. Chris Hamnett winds up the programme. Credits.
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