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This programme is the third in the series which makes up the television component of the fourth level course "Sources and Historiography, Great Britain 1750 - 1950". Dr. Chris Harvie, Lec...turer in History at the Open University, discusses how historians can use successive editions of maps, primarily the Ordnance Survey maps, as a shorthand guide to changing conditions in town and country. He discusses the range and accuracy of various map sources and where they can be found. He then takes successive editions of Ordnance Survey maps for the City of York and a nearby country parish and traceschanging transport, economic and social patterns from the maps, illustrated with contemporary prints on live film.
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Module code and title: A401, Great Britain 1750-1950: sources and historiography
Item code: A401; 03
First transmission date: 20-02-1974
Published: 1974
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Duration: 00:24:26
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Producer: Patricia Hodgson
Contributor: Chris Harvie
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Ordnance survey; York
Footage description: Opening shot of old map of York. Seated at a library desk, Chris Harvie introduces the programme, which deals with old OS maps and their usefulness to the historian. He shows close-ups of York City and Birdsall on 1" seventh series. Animated map shows development of OS 1st ed. 1805-73. Early county maps of Yorkshire. Diagrams of surveying and triangulation procedures. Diagrams of theodolites and other instruments. Harvie explains the theory of triangulation. Shots of book carrying William Roy's advocacy of the military value of accurate mapping; the reason for Kent being surveyed first by OS was the invasion threat. Portrait of Thomas Colby (?), Deputy Director, OS at the time. Harvie will use the parish of Birdsall to demonstrate the detail on early 6" maps. Aerial shots of the parish (used again in TV05). Compares Thomas Jeffery's County map of Yorkshire with the 6" OS. Harvie at Birdsall looks at maps locally available: Ravson's 1810 survey; Tithe map of 1838. Describes 25" OS survey of 1893 and its 1910 revision, and the introduction of the National Grid. Engravings of York in the post-railway era. Harvie shows how maps reveal social developments in housing etc. at this time. He describes the OS town plans of 5' and l0' to the mile. 19th century photos of York. Engravings of transport: river, railway. Engraving of George Hudson. Engraving and plan of old (Priory) station in York and the current station. Photos of 20th century industrial development, tramways and trams. Harvie describes Seebohm Rowntree's work on slum clearance and shows how his survey can be used with OS maps to reveal social development. Plans of Rowntree's housing. Current photo. Also shots of smaller non-Rowntree artisans' dwellings. Film of Walingate redeveloped slum area and plans of l860's back-to-back housing.
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