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In this programme, Dr. Geoffrey Baker, a qualified architect and also a lecturer in Art History at the Open University, describes the process of designing his own house in a village near Newcastle-...upon-Tyne. As he himself says, although his house "was completed thirty years after our period, it does, I think, show how architects' ideas have been completely revolutionised by developments in design techniques which took place between 1890 and 1939". Dr. Baker starts by describing the various elements he wanted in his final design and with the help of his actual preliminary sketches he traces the beginnings of the ideas which led him forward to the finished house. With the help of a scale model he describes his motives for placing each element where it is and concludes by paying perhaps the strongest tribute amongst the many factors that have influenced him to Le Corbusier, whose work and influence is met on many other occasions during the course. The programme attempts therefore to show how the mind of one particular architect works and tries thereby to provide an insight into the mental processes of the architects with whom the students are to become familiar during the rest of the course.
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Module code and title: A305, History of architecture and design 1890-1939
Item code: A305; 01
First transmission date: 15-02-1975
Published: 1975
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Duration: 00:24:31
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Producer: Edward Hayward
Contributor: Geoffrey Baker
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Architecture; Fletcher's Well Ponteland; Housing architecture
Subject terms: Architecture--Aesthetics; Architecture--Designs and plans; Baker, Geoffrey
Footage description: Titles sequence over rough sketches by Geoffrey Baker of his designs for his own house at Ponteland, Newcastle-on-Tyne. Film of the house. Baker begins by explaining his idea of the process of architectural creativity. He describes some buildings which influenced him, with still illustrations. A Northumberland farm, Sea Ranch in California, Le Corbusier's Jaoul Houses, and Tom Mellor's cottage, Ribby Wood, near Blackpool. He describes the technique by which a final design is developed, with sketches, illustrating his thesis with Le Corbusier's drawings of houses for workers (1924) based on a cube. Stills of La Tourette and Villa Savoye. He describes, with film, the basic house type which he has modified, and the features of the site. Drawing sketches in the studio, he shows how the final design of the house was arrived at. He explains features of the design using a specially built model. Finally he shows, in a film sequence, the completed house, describing particularly the materials and colour. Baker summarises the design process, showing again the buildings and architects who influenced him. Shots of Frank Lloyd Wright and Le Corbusier. Credits over the model of the house.
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