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The programme is divided into "two sections. The first section deals with elementary score reading, using three parts. The example is taken from a Mozart minuet and is played on oboe, clarinet... and bassoon. Dr. Dinah Earsham explains the relationship of the parts to each other and the method used for writing out the score. The section ends with the trio playing the minuet and the students following the score on the screen. The second section of the programme is presented by Bernard Thomas and Ross Winters and introduces the student to recorder playing, dealing with the problems of holding the instrument, breathing and fingering.
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Module code and title: A241, Elements of music
Item code: A241; 01; 1978
First transmission date: 15-03-1978
Published: 1978
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Duration: 00:21:45
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Producer: David Seligman
Contributors: Dinah Barsham; Bernard Thomas; Ross Winters
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Music; Recorders (musical instruments); Scores music
Footage description: Wind trio plays Minuet in C by Mozart. Dinah Barsham introduces the programme. Dr. Barshan writes out the bass part for the bassoon, the piece is played through whilst the notes are pointed out on the score. The same procedure is then followed for the clarinet part. And again for the oboe part The section of the minuet which has been studied is then played through a further three times. Bernard Thomas and Ross Winters play "Fais Do Do" on the recorder. They then describe how to holdand play the instrument, how to breathe properly and several finger exercises on descant and treble recorder. Thomas plays "Wiegenlied" by Spohr on descant recorder. Winter plays "Wiegenlied" on treble recorder. Credits.
Master spool number: 6HT/72383
Production number: 00525_3457
Videofinder number: 3865
Available to public: no