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The programme examines the methods used to construct a North Sea oil drilling platform and the non-destructive tests which are carried out on welds and materials during construction.
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Module code and title: T351, Materials under stress
Item code: T351; 07
First transmission date: 22-05-1976
Published: 1976
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Duration: 00:24:25
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Producer: David Nelson
Contributors: Ken Reynold; Arthur Tilson; Ian Wagstaff; Fred Watson; Douglas Breeze; David Elliott; Alan Ainsley; Ken Wrigglesworth; John Jackson
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Graythorp Fabrication Yard; Non-destructive testing; North Sea oil; Teeside
Footage description: Ken Reynolds introduces the programme. He has with him in the studio a large scale model of the Thistle A off-shore oil platform and points out its various features. Reynolds on location at the Graythorpe Yard near Hartlepool where the rig is undergoing construction. He points out some of the features also seen on the model and then goes on to explain who is responsible for quality control, particularly of the welds, during construction. Interviews with the various individuals who are responsible for quality control on this project. They represent the designers (Taywood Santa Fe), the team responsible for certifying quality control (Lloyds Register), the builders (Laing Construction) and the nondestructive testing team (Unit Inspection). Each discusses his individual area of responsibility. Ken Reynolds, Fred Watson and David Elliott discuss the techniques used to radiograph weld in a structure as large as an off-shore oil rig. Film of testing being done on site. Watson explains what sort of defects can be detected with gamma radiography and the safeguards which are built into the procedure to ensure that defects are correctly interpreted. Ken Reynolds and Douglas Breeze discuss the technique of ultrasonic inspection for examining welds and parent material. Breeze explains the technique in detail and highlights some of the problems of carrying out these tests on a large structure open to the elements. Film of testing being carried out. David Elliott, Alan Ainsley and Fred Watson discuss some of the problems which arose during welding and checking of a complex node at level minus 136 of the structure. Shots of the node. They stress, particularly, the difficulties of access for the welders and inspectors. Reynolds sums up.
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