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The programme looks at research being done into the possibility of establishing commercial deer farming in the Scottish Highlands.
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Module code and title: T273, Food production systems
Item code: T273; 03
First transmission date: 28-04-1978
Published: 1978
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Duration: 00:24:27
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Producer: Patricia McCurry
Contributors: Bill Hamilton; Robin Kay; Dick Morris; Kenneth Blaxter; Micahel, Arbuthnot, John Campbell Bland
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Deer farming; Red deer
Footage description: Film of red deer trotting over and grazing on the Scottish Highlands. Film of a hunter stalking and then shooting a stag. Comment by Dick Morris introduces the programme. Aerial and ground shots of the Scottish Highlands. Shots of sheep in a snow covered winter landscape. Commentary explains why sheep farming is not economical in this area. Film of a deer herdsman at Glensaugh farm (run by the Hill Farming Research Organisation) spreading food for the deer which surround him. Shots of deer being driven into pens and then into weighing stations. Commentary by Dick Morris and Bill Hamilton describes some of the work being done on the farm. Film of deer on the farm during the rut. Commentary by Bill Hamilton explains some of the problems caused by the rut and goes on to discuss the optimal stag/hind ratio for a farm herd. Film of pregnant hinds being fed by a herdsman in the spring. Commentary explains why they are fed at this time of year and not at other times. Film of a hind giving birth to a calf and of the newborn calf suckling. Film of a newborn calf being weighed, measured and tagged while its mother looks on. Commentary explains what measurements are taken. Film of captured wild deer calves being brought to the farm to add to stock. Film shows calves being suckled, four at a time, by a bucket feeder. Commentary explains the importance of an early good diet for these animals. Film of the laboratory at Rowett Research Institute near Aberdeen shows a deer having its teeth and antlers x-rayed. Michael Bland and Dr Ray discuss the economics of deer farming for meat as opposed to sheep farming. They point out the advantages of deer carcasses over sheep carcasses. Shots of joints of venison while they talk. Sir Kenneth Blaxter compares the productivity of deer with that of Cheviot sheep in the Highlands. Lord Arbuthnot calls for an expansion of deer farming from the research stage to commercial exploitation. Film shots of a Highland landscape. Dick Morris sums up the programme.
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