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The programme looks at opposition, within the legal framework, to the construction of a nuclear power plant at Seabrook, New Hampshire, and why these steps were unsuccessful.
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Module code and title: T361, Control of technology
Item code: T361; 03
First transmission date: 02-05-1978
Published: 1978
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Duration: 00:24:30
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Producer: David Nelson
Contributors: Alan Dobie; Meldrim Thomson; Guy Chicheser; Tony Roisman; Sam Lovejoy
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Environment; Nuclear power; Opposition groups; Regulators; Seabrook New Hampshire
Footage description: Alan Dobie (voice over shots of a map of the U.S. showing locations of nuclear power plants and of aerial shots of Seabrook, New Hampshire) introduces the programme. New Hampshire governor Meldrim Thomson explain why he is in favour of nuclear power in New Hampshire. Over aerial shots of Seabrook, Alan Dobie introduces Guy Chichester. Guy Chichester, a leading member of the New England Coalition Against Nuclear Power, stands on the shore at Seabrook and explains how the environment would be affected there if a nuclear power plant were to be built. Shots of the Seabrook area as he talks. Dobie (v/o shots of Seabrook) and Chichester outline the official procedure which the citizens of Seabrook tried to follow to make their objections to the nuclear plant known and why this failed. Tony Roisman, a lawyer with the Natural Resource Defence Council, explains why, in his view, the original opposition to the power plant failed. He points out, particularly, the pro-nuclear bias of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Over shots of Seabrook and a map of New England, Alan Dobie introduces Sam Lovejoy. Sam Lovejoy, in his home, explains how he came to be involved in the anti-nuclear movement. He details his act of civil protest, the toppling of a utility company weather monitoring tower, which made him famous. Still shots of the tower. Dobie and Chichester explain how the action of Lovejoy was inspirational for the people at Seabrook who opposed the building of tbe nuclear power station there. Governor Thomson explains why he feels local opposition to the nuclear power plant at Seabrook ought to be disregarded. Guy Chichester points out, briefly, why it should not. Tony Roisman lists the options for improvement in the present regulatory system which may benefit the citizens of Seabrook in their fight to keep the nuclear power plant away. Over shots of Seabrook anti-nuclear demonstration in April 1977, Alan Dobie, a demonstrator and Tony Roisman explain why direct protest action was decided on. Alan Dobie (v/o shots of the demonstration) summarises the programme.
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