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Children with reading difficulties filmed at Earlham School, London Borough of Hackney, and Reading-for-learning at College, filmed at Loughborough College of Education.
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Module code and title: PE951, Reading Development
Item code: PE951; 10
First transmission date: 26-08-1973
Published: 1973
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Duration: 00:24:15
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Producer: Richard Hooper
Contributors: Nick Farnes; David Mosely
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Case studies; Flow diagrams; London junior school; Loughborough College of Education; Reading difficulties; Reading recorders
Footage description: David Mosely introduces the programme voiceover. We see two children, Peter and Diane, both aged 8 and both with reading difficulties talking to their teachers Mrs Rees and Mrs Platt. Again voice-over, David Mosely introduces Mrs Craze from the school psychological service, assessing these two children. She uses a tape recorder with Peter to test his hearing and a set of geometric shapes to test recognition. She then tests Diane on sentence repetition and copying ability. Diane uses patterns and constructs words from plastic letters under Mrs Craze's guidance. She then uses a teaching machine to give practice in word building, giving Mrs Craze the opportunity to observe Diane's learning strategies and preparing her to work with individualised learning materials later. Peter uses individualised plastic worksheets devised by Mrs Craze. He is then seen working independently at the teaching machine, practising sight words. Finally Mrs Craze teaches the children a finger tracing technique to reinforce their learning. David Moseley, voice over, introduces the school's remedial class and teacher Mrs Hill. Peter is seen in sentence-building exercises with the class. A project based on an aquarium is developed, and a book written up based on each child's description of the project. At the end of term, Peter reads the book, to the class. Finally Diane is seen using a tape-recorder and plastic letters for word building exercises. Nicholas Fames, voice over, introduces a case study based on a 'reading for learning' course at Loughborough College of Education. Students are seen using reading recorders developed at Brunel University. A text printed on continuos stationery can be reeled backwards and forwards past a window. The user's motions of the winder are recorded on a graph to indicate speed and recursions. Shelia Austein, in charge of the course, discusses various pieces of work with students. Using the reading records, she discusses how sentence summaries and flow diagrams of the texts can be constructed. Finally a group of students who have been working individually combine these ideas to build up a common flowchart and compare it with Sheila Aussteins model for the same text. Concluding, Nick Fames indicates how a simple cardboard window and an observer can provide similar records in the school room without special machines.
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