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This film was made with the Marshall family who live on one of the bleaker council housing estates in Nottingham. It examines how the family try to use what educational opportunities are open to th...em to break out of their present constricting environment.
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Module code and title: E351, Urban education
Item code: E351; 04
First transmission date: 27-04-1974
Published: 1974
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Duration: 00:24:06
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Producer: John Miller
Contributors: Harry Marshall; John Oates
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Alan Marshall; Andrew Marshall; Broxtowe; Bulwell Market; Claendon College; Connie Marshall; Council estate; Educational environment; Family interaction; High Pavement Grammar School; Home; Katrina Marshall; Nottingham case study; Player Secondary School; Radford; Raleigh Cycle factory; Trevor Marshall; Work and leisure
Footage description: Shots of central Nottingham: The castle, Robin Hood Statue, tower blocks, City Hall, free bus service. Voice over, John Oates describes the city. He introduces the Marshall family and describes the Broxtowe estate where they live. Shots of Harry Marshall at the Raleigh Cycle factory. Harry and Connie Marshall at home discuss their previous home in Radford, an area now demolished, and their attitudes to the children's education. Shots of them with Katrina, Alan and Andrew. A meeting of the Social Services Luncheon Club, attended by Head teachers of The Player School and social workers from Broxtowe and Strelley. They discuss the unoffical priority status of the area and the need for a community centre. Miss Howard a founder member, is the spokesman. Andrew Marshall at the Player Secondary School doing metal work. Oites comments voice over on truancy, and extra-curricular activities organised by the school. Shots of Beechdale swimming bath. Andrew talks about his progress in swimming. Back at the Marshall's home, Harry and Connie talk on the lack of facilities for the children and on parent teacher relationships. Alan Marshall at High Pavement Grammar School. Shots of him talking to science teacher about an experiment, and playing chess. Headmaster Mr. Brown speaks about extra activities. Shots of Alan in language lab. Final comments from him and his hopes for the future and from Mr. Brown on cultural disadvantage. Harry Marshall at a management class at Clarendon College. The class discuss inflation with teacher Mr. Davies. At home, he talks to his son Trevor about grants for students. Oates sums up and Harry and Connie Comment on the role of television and radio in their lives. Shots of Connie shopping at Bulwell Market.
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