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The programme relates directly to the issues of innovation raised in the Iast section of the course. It follows the points raised in Part 1, but specifically looks at: 1. The evaluation of Primary ...French making the national news - Clare Birrstall is interviewed on Radio 2 by Jimmy Young. 2. Recordings of interviews in Chichester, West Sussex, where they have decided to continue teaching French despite the N.F.S.R. report. 5o A studio discussion on Primary French. Should different L.E.A.s go their different ways? Does the D.E.S. have a policy on innovations in the curriculum? Should it have? Should head teachers have the right to adopt charges - even when they seem doomed to failure? The participants are Dr. Clare Burstall. Deputy Director of the N.P.E.H, Professor Saan Spicer, who was responsible for the preparation of the teaching materials, Roy Potter, Director of Education for West Sussex, Michael Salter, one of Her Majesty's Inspectors of Schools, and William Prescott, chairman of the course team.
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Module code and title: E203, Curriculum design and development
Item code: E203; 15
First transmission date: 04-09-1976
Published: 1976
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Duration: 00:24:00
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Producer: David Seligman
Contributor: W. H. Prescott
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Clare Burstall; Curriculum innovation; Evaluation; Jimmy Young; Madelaine Lewis; Michael Salter; National Foundation for Educational Research; Nuffield Foundation; Primary French; Roy Potter; Sam Spicer
Footage description: The programme opens with an extract from a 1974 edition of the Jimmy Young show, in which Clare Burstall, Deputy Director of the National Foundation for Educational Research (N.F.E.R.) speaks of the failure of the experiment in Primary French. The discussion takes place over children's paintings annotated in French. William Prescott, E203 course team chairman, comments briefly on the N.F.E.R. report, and introduces Chichester Central Junior School, which is committed to the teaching of French. Over stills of Chichester and of various aspects of school life, the headmaster declares his commitment to Primary French. Sequence showing Madelaine Lewis taking a class of junior school boys. In voice over she makes strong criticisms of the N.F.E.R. report. A male teacher explains the value of having an experienced French teacher (Mrs. Lewis) available for advice, and he expresses enthusiasm for Primary French. Over stills of classroom scenes, Lewis identifies specific benefits that accrue from learning French. Also in voice over, Roy Potter, Director of Education for West Sussex, explains why the education authority is reluctant to end Primary French solely on the basis of the N.F.E.R. report. Prescott introduces a studio discussion involving Potter, Burstall, Sam Spicer, who was involved in the original Primary French experiment, and Michael Salter, a Department of Education and Science Schools Inspector. Potter and Burstall discuss the pros and cons of the N.F.E.R. report while Salter explains the role of the D.E.S. in the project. The group as a whole discuss the problems involved in teaching French, and how the results might be improved. They consider the control and revision of the curriculum, allocation of resources and the motivation of teachers. Prescott concludes the programme by stressing the need for teachers to be trained as curriculum developers, as well as implementers.
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