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At Nelson and Colne College, David Moore regards staff development as one of the most important aspects of his role as Principal. In this programme, we see extracts from four of his annual "St...aff Development Interviews" which he gives his entire teaching staff. He also explains his philosophy of the process and various members of staff explain staff development at the College as it has affected them. The programme should be seen as raw material which raises a variety of issues about staff development, and an aide-memoire (in tho form of a number of still frames and quotes from the programme) is provided in the notes.
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Module code and title: E321, Management in education
Item code: E321; 08
First transmission date: 21-09-1976
Published: 1976
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Duration: 00:23:45
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Producer: Ed Milner
Contributors: David Blezard; Mike Jackson; Bob Smith
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Bill Macdonald; Brian Threlfall; David Moore; Nelson and Colne College; Norman Diggins; Paul Welch; Pauline Widdop; Principal; Staff development; Staff development interviews
Footage description: Staff at Nelson and Colne College being interviewed about staff development. Bob Smith, the Chief Administrative Officer, and lecturer David Blezard and Mike Jackson describe how they have been encouraged to take professional courses. Milner interviews David Moore, Principal of the College. Moore explains how he can encourage staff development and gives his view of its importance. Staff Development Interview One takes place. Paul Welch briefly explains to Milner the function of his interview and Moore gives his view of how the interview can help a young member of staff. Moore interviews Welch about his career. Staff Development Interview Two is observed. Moore asks lecturer Pauline Widdop about her plans for her career. They discuss the position of the older staff member. Norman Diggins, a head of department, takes part in Staff Development Interview Three. He has only three years to retirement and suggests he is too old for staff development. Staff Development Interview Four involves Mike Jackson, drama lecturer. Moore discusses his plans to take a B.Ed, as well as his career prospects generally. In interview, Moore explains the purpose of the staff development interviews. In a series of short interviews, members of staff describe how Moore has improved opportunities for career development. Moore briefly describes how he advises people who do not succeed as teachers. Mike Jackson ends the programme pointing out that not everyone needs staff development.
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