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This programme is part of a pair which look at the work or two French sociologists, Dr. Dominique Monjardet and Dr. Georges Benguigui of the National Scientific Research Centre (CNRS), University o...f Paris, conducting a cross-cultural comparative study of management in English and French firms. In this particular programme we go to a vol-au-vent factory in South West France and observe the "two sociologists interviewing the production chain of the factory from charge hand to Managing Director. The film is subtitled. Students are asked to observe the methods and methodology of the two French sociologists in considerable detail. They are also asked in each programme to observe the difference it makes to an interviewer when he is using his mother tongue, as opposed to a foreign language.
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Module code and title: D207, An introduction to sociology
Item code: D207; 05
First transmission date: 13-09-1981
Published: 1981
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Duration: 00:23:46
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Producer: Ken Patton
Contributors: Peter Hamilton; Dominique Monjardet; Georges Benguigui
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): France; Sociology; Work; Pastry factory; Factory work
Footage description: Shots of a town in South West France. Peter Hamilton gives some background information on the research project being conducted by Georges Benguigui and Dominique Monjardet. The first section of the programme shows Benguigui and Monjardet interviewing staff from a pastry factory, establishing their job titles and descriptions. As they speak in French the programme carries subtitles. Shots of work in the pastry factory. Peter Hamilton describes the next batch of questions the researchers asked. Benguigui and Monjardet are shown asking about the amount of personal responsibility people have in their jobs. The interviewees describe the degree of budgetary control in the firm and talk about how things could be improved within the factory. Shots of the production line. Peter Hamilton describes a further research concern, how managers allocate their time. Benguigui and Monjardet are shown asking about routines and overlaps in areas of responsibility. The employees are also asked whether they feel they have enough freedom of action in their work. Finally the researchers ask a series of questions about promotion and what characteristics would they look for if they were to appoint successors to their positions.
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