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This programme looks at literracy in Jamaica. Jamaica has a literacy rate of about 60-70%, depending on the exact definition of literacy which is used. It is the site of an energetic and successful... locally organised literacy campaign which relies heavily on the prevailing Christian ethic in order to recruit voluntary teachers.
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Module code and title: E355, Education for adults
Item code: E355; 03
First transmission date: 28-04-1984
Published: 1984
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Duration: 00:23:49
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Producer: Meg Sheffield
Contributor: Richard Hoggart
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): 19th Century; Britain; Errol Miller; Jamaica; Joyce Robinson; Leila Thomas; Literacy; Mavis Gilmour; Religion; Third World; West Indies
Master spool number: HOU4199
Production number: FOUE135W
Videofinder number: 4324
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