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Success at the Learning on Screen Awards

Congratulations to Professor of Planetary Science and Exploration Mahesh Anand and the team which produced '8 Days: to the Moon and Back' for winning two awards at the Learning on Screen Awards last week. '8 Days: to the Moon and Back' won Best Creative Use, and also the prestigious Learning on Screen’s Premiere Award. 

22nd March 2021

Ice, sand and the spiders from Mars in the laboratory

Researchers from The School of Physical Sciences at The Open University (OU) have recreated the formation of spider-like patterns on Mars in their labs. This provides the first physical evidence that these features can be formed by a unique process unlike anything seen on Earth.

19th March 2021

Congratulations to Heidi Thiemann at the Parliamentary & Scientific Committee’s STEM for Britain Awards ceremony

Congratulations to Heidi Thiemann who has just won the Bronze Medal in the Physics category at the 2021 Parliamentary & Scientific Committee’s STEM for Britain Awards ceremony, for early career researchers. See for information.

8th March 2021

3D maps of ozone and dust on Mars

A new research grant will make it possible to create maps of ozone and dust found on Mars as part of the ExoMars mission.

8th March 2021

Congratulations to OU Space Science Club

We congratulate the Open University Space Science Club (@space_ou), which has won the National UK Students for the Exploration of Space (UKSEDS) Branch of the Year Award 2021 at the National Students Space Conference. This is a fantastic achievement for a club that didn’t exist 12 months ago!

8th March 2021

In Memoriam: Simon Clark

It is with great sadness that we share the news that our colleague, Simon Clark passed away suddenly last week.

Simon was a Senior Lecturer in Astronomy within the School of Physical Sciences, having originally joined the OU in 2005. He had previously worked as a researcher at University College London and the University of Sussex having obtained his PhD from Southampton University.

1st March 2021

One step closer to building habitats on the Moon

A team of lunar scientists from The Open University (OU) and the European Astronaut Centre (EAC) are making advances in building permanent structures on the Moon’s surface.

28th January 2021

Paul Lidgett Memorial Prize winner announced

We are delighted to announce that Oliver Murray has been awarded the Paul Lidgett Memorial Prize for an outstanding performance and innovative and analytical work on SXP390 The Science Project Course: radiation and matter. 

Oliver’s tutor Catherine Brocksopp is quoted saying:

“Oliver's study into exoplanets around white dwarfs was highly original and fascinating to read. His scientific writing flowed seamlessly, discussing and evaluating his sources and taking on the appearance of a professional piece of research.”

11th January 2021

Professor Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell awarded RAS Gold medal

We are delighted to announce that Professor Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell, has been awarded the prestigious Royal Astronomical Society Gold Medal. This is the Society's highest honour, once which can be awarded for any reason but usually recognises lifetime achievement. Past winners include Albert Einstein, Edwin Hubble, Arthur Eddington and Stephen Hawking. It was first awarded in 1824; since 1964 two have been awarded each year: one for astronomy, and one for geophysics.

11th January 2021

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