Rumpus receives the BEST Conference paper award!

The paper entitled ” Should ‘meaningful’ online learning experiences be fun for Higher Education students in Indonesia?”    has been awarded the best full paper at the 8th LSME International Research Conference 2021 on Sustainable Development and Education  .

The paper was authored by Sujarwanto, Kieron Sheehy*, Khofidotor Rotofiah, Budiyanto,

Faculty of Education (FIP) , State University of Surabaya, Indonesia
and * Rumpus Research group of The Open University, UK.

LSME  is a prestigious conference on Responsible Research and Innovation in Education  held annually.

Sujarwanto,  Sheehy & Budiyanto’s contribution is a part of the OLAF research which examines Online Learning and Fun in Higher Education.

This paper highlights that 80% of institutions in Indonesia whose students have left campus and returned to their home locations are concerned about how to support students’ retention and progress. This study indicated  two key factors:  students’ epistemological beliefs and their beliefs about fun in learning.

Findings suggested that the lack of enjoyment with online study including a dissatisfaction with a content delivery approach to online teaching must be considered to reduce students’ dropout in Higher Education.

These results were used to provide recommendations for tertiary education in Indonesia.

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