International Conference on Global Education and the Green Economy

This is the 9th iteration of the International Research Conference series, and builds again upon  Responsible Research and Innovations (RRI),  with the theme of “Global Education and the Green Economy.” Academics and practitioners across the world are invited to share their perspectives around key and emerging challenges facing humanity and the potential for addressing these via educational and economic activity, especially examples of sustainable and green initiatives. The perspectives expected are challenges, processes, and outcomes of socially responsible research, especially its impact on communities and stakeholders.

The broad objectives of the conference series are:

  1. To provide an inclusive platform fostering an active community of researchers collaborating on issues of social significance and societal concern
  2. To advance the principles and practices of Responsible Research and Innovations (RRI) in support of researchers at all stages of their research journey
  3. To provide an open and accessible mechanism for sharing creative contributions to the research agenda across various subject matter and discipline areas.

The Scientific Conference Committee:
Professor Stephen McKinneyUniversity of Glasgow, UK Conference Chairman Dr Ravi KumarLondon School of Management Education, UK Conference
Dr Peter GrayNorwegian University of Science & Technology, Norway
Dr Sarita ParhiLondon School of Management Education, UK
Martin McAreavey University of Bolton, UK
Hassan Shifau London School of Management Education, UK
Dr Dolly Jackson-SillahLondon School of Management Education, UK
Dr Alexandra OkadaOpen University, UK

Within our broad theme, we encourage papers adopting empirical, experimental and theoretical content produced by researchers. We are particularly interested in (but not exclusively committed to):
– Education Management
– Lifelong Learning
– Economic and Social Impact of Education
– Social Impact through the Green Economy
– Innovation in Learning and Education
– Impact of Technology on Education and Green Economy Settings
– Accessibility to Education for the Disadvantaged
– New Perspectives on Global Education
– Global Impact of Green Economy Initiatives

Dr Okada will be supporting two large international networks on Global Education for Sustainability with fun participatory approaches:
(1) CONNECT Open Schooling  and
(2) OLAF – online learning to participate in this conference


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