OU Study Materials

The Open University has been delivering modules/courses to students since 1971. The Study Materials collection is a comprehensive archive, including printed, audio/visual, multimedia and web materials. The collection also includes associated materials, such as transcripts of audio/visual content, set books, prospectuses and a selection of home experiment kits. The OU Digital Archive collection of Study Materials contains a sample of the full archive. The collection will grow as further materials are added

Image of OU Study Materials
Title Module Code Resource Type Start Date
Renaissance and ReformationA201Module1972
The age of revolutionsA202Module1972
Seventeenth century England: a changing culture 1618-1689A203Module1981
The EnlightenmentA204Module1980
Culture and belief in Europe, 1450-1600A205Module1990
The EnlightenmentA206Module1993
From Enlightenment to Romanticism c.1780-1830A207Module2004
Fifth-century Athens: democracy and city stateA209Module1995
Approaching literatureA210Module1996
Philosophy and the human situationA211Module1999
World religionsA213Module1998
Understanding music: elements, techniques and stylesA214Module1994
Creative writingA215Module2006
Art and its historiesA216Module1999
Introducing religionsA217Module2006
Medicine and society in Europe 1500-1930A218Module2004
Exploring the classical worldA219Module2006
Princes and peoples: France and the British Isles, 1620-1714A220Module1995
State, economy and nation in nineteenth-century EuropeA221Module1996
Exploring philosophyA222Module2011