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This programme completes the harmonisation of the tune "Lilliburlero" begun in Programme 7. Following similar harmonic rules and processes as in the previous programme (i.e. exclusion of ...'non-essential' notes and cadence recognition), bars 5 to 12 are harmonised in a simple style. Again, aural training is involved, in that students are required to take down part of the tenor line by musical dictation. As a final TMA assignment, the students are asked to piece together a harmonisation of the whole tune from the two programmes and send in their completed version.
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Module code and title: A241, Elements of music
Item code: A241; 08
Recording date: 1976-12-01
First transmission date: 197712-06-
Published: 1977
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Duration: 00:18:35
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Producer: Robert Philip
Contributor: Dinah Barsham
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Cadence recognition; Non-essential Notes
Master spool number: TLN48950H031
Production number: TLN48950H031
Available to public: no