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The programme is filmed in a large comprehensive boys' school in North London. It shows class 1W, a first year mixed ability group in a variety of lessons as well as some of the boys in it in a Spe...cial Maths Workshop, also there are discussions by members of the school staff and the psychologist David Moseley. The programme is introduced by the Course Team Chairman, Asher Cashdan. The main programme objective is that after viewing the programme the student should be able to specify some of the ways in which educational psychology can be relevant to work in schools.
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Module code and title: E201, Personality and learning
Item code: E201; 01
First transmission date: 07-02-1976
Published: 1976
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Duration: 00:24:11
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Producer: Richard Argent
Contributors: Asher Cashdan; David Moseley; Robin Lomas; Lorna Alderson; Mike Hughes; Pat Hogan
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Quintin Kynaston school; Educational psychology; North London; Special maths workshop; Teaching
Footage description: The programme opens with film of boys going into a large London comprehensive. From the playground Asher Cashdan lists the kind of problems facing such a school and the educational decisions that have to be taken. Lorna Alderson, class teacher of IW, is seen with this mixed ability class. A music lesson is seen in progress, over which Cashdan describes two boys, Terry and Reuben, who will be studied in the programme. Film of Pat Hogan, a teacher of remedial children, giving special assistance to Terry. She questions him in detail about a day out. Cashdan describes Hogan's job in voice-over. Film of teachers giving IW tests designed to identify the children's specific strengths and weaknesses. Cashdan provides explanatory comments in voice-over. David Moseley, an educational psychologist, Renate Uein, head of the School 's Remedial Department, Lorna Alderson, and Pat Hogan; discuss the problems faced by Terry and Reuben and advise on what means they should use to solve these problems. A caption indicates that the programme is returning to the school six weeks after the above sequences were recorded. 1W are observed during a social studies lesson, in which Hogan questions Terry and Reuben about a film they have just seen. Cashdan comments on the technique she uses. Film of the school's Maths Workshop, for children needing special help, Wien is seen helping Terry and Reuben. Moseley, Hogan, Wien, Alderson, and Robin Lomas, a trainee educational psychologist, are observed discussing the progress made by Terry and Reuben. The programme ends with film of children leaving the school.
Master spool number: 6HT/71975
Production number: 00525_6095
Videofinder number: 544
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