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The programme concentrates on the background to negotiations held in December 1979 between the Israeli Airport Authority and I.A.T.A. in order to establish new airport charges in Israel.
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Module code and title: T243, Systems organisation: the management of complexity
Item code: T243; 10
First transmission date: 17-09-1980
Published: 1980
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Producer: Andrew Millington
Contributors: Ronald John Beishon; Dennis Lewis; Mike Ambrose; John Kennedy; Nathan Wagner; Louis Karpati; Raymond Harel; Benny Ellenbogen; Israel Levin
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Airports; IATA; Negotiation; Tel Aviv
Footage description: John Beishon introduces the programme from outside Tel Aviv airport. He explains the role of I.A.T.A.'s User Charges Committee in negotiating airport charges with national airport authorities. He outlines the issues to be negotiated with the Israeli Airports Authority over shots of passengers at Ben Gurion Airport. Shots of land which the Airport Authority wish to turn into a new runway, over which Beishon briefly describes the controversy relating to aircraft noise. Interview with Raymond Harel, Director General of the Israeli Airports Authority, who, with the help of a map, explains his plans for a new runway. A map shows the location of Israel's airports at Ben Gurion, Jerusalem and El At. In voice-over Beishon considers the issues the Airport Authority will want to negotiate with I.A.T.A. In interview Harel explains why his Authority needs to deal with I.A.T.A. when wanting to increase its charges. Further shots of Ben Gurion Airport, where Beishon interviews Dennis Lewis, Director of the I.A.T.A. User Charges Committee. Lewis explains what I.A.T.A, hope to get out of the negotiations with the Israeli Airport Authority. Interview with Mike Ambrose, British Airways Charges Director, who will also participate in the negotiations. He sets out his objectives for the forthcoming meeting. Ambrose is observed in a briefing discussion with John Kennedy, British Airways representative in Tel Aviv. They discuss the aircraft noise issue and consider the Airport Authority's likely negotiating tactics. Shots of the hotel in Tel Aviv where the negotiations are to take place. We observe a preliminary meeting in which the I.A.T.A. team discuss the main issues with the local representatives of the airlines. Nathan Wagner, representative for Scandinavian Airlines System, explains the financial links between Israel's three main airports and considers how I.A.T.A. should deal with these in the negotiations. Benny Ellenbogen and Israel Levin, two of the Airport Authority representatives, are seen arriving for the meeting with I.A.T.A. The meeting begins with Ellenbogen and Levin setting out their case for increased airport charges. Both Louis Karpati, of Air France, and Mike Ambrose argue at length against the demands of the Airport Authority, particularly the proposed finance support for the airports at Kl At and Jerusalem, which the airlines do not use. Shots of Dr. Harel arriving at the hotel to lead the afternoon session of the negotiations. In interview he briefly outlines his final negotiating position.
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