Excluded combinations

Software development (M813)

You cannot count Software development (M813) with any of the following modules in the same qualification:

Software development for networked applications using Java (M874)
Object-oriented software development (M878)
Distributed applications and ecommerce (M879)
Software engineering (M880)
Architectures of computing systems (M881)
Managing the software enterprise (M882)
Software requirements for business systems (M883)
Analysis and design of enterprise systems: an object-oriented approach (M885)
Web systems integration (M887)
Software development for networked applications using java (MZT874)
Software engineering (MZT880)
Software development for networked applications using Java (MZX874)
Software engineering (MZX880)
Architectures of computing systems (MZX881)

The modules listed above may include:

  • current modules
  • discontinued modules that have been updated or replaced
  • versions of OU modules specially adapted for presentation overseas or in an in-house company training scheme
  • future modules

What is an excluded combination?

An excluded combination means some pairs or groups of modules cannot be counted towards the same qualification because their content overlaps. If you’re considering taking a module in a similar area to one you have already completed as a part of a qualification, you need to find out if they are an excluded combination.

What impact will this have on my study plans?

If you are studying towards a particular qualification and have already completed a module that is an excluded combination with Software development (M813) then you would not be able to count both of these towards the qualification. However, you might still wish to study excluded combinations even though you cannot count both towards the same qualification. For example, if you are returning after a study break you may want to study a new version of a similar module that you have previously completed then this would need to be studied on a standalone basis.

Credit transfer

If you have eligible previous study from elsewhere, you can apply for credit transfer. If you are awarded credit transfer, your credit transfer award will be displayed on your StudentHome page with a list of any OU modules you are prohibited from studying because of an overlap with your previous study.

Where can I go for further information?

Please speak to an adviser if you require further information or advice about excluded combinations.