Postgraduate entry requirements

We want you to succeed in your studies, so many of our postgraduate qualifications have entry requirements to ensure you’re ready to study them.

From an undergraduate degree, to professional experience, find out what you’ll need to gain entry to postgraduate study.

What you’ll need

You’ll typically be expected to have an undergraduate degree to gain entry on our postgraduate qualifications. But you may also have professional experience, other qualifications, or prior university-level study that’ll help set you up for success. You’ll find individual entry requirements on our qualification and module descriptions.

Entry requirements could be:

  • an undergraduate degree in a related subject
  • employment in a relevant professional setting
  • a number of years’ professional experience on which to build your learning.

In some cases, if you don’t hold the required prerequisite qualifications, we may accept significant experience as ‘alternative entry’ onto a qualification.

Our module and qualification descriptions may also include information about:

  • other knowledge and skills you might need (such as your level of English comprehension, if it’s not your first language)
  • requirements relating to the context of your study (for example, education students may need access to a group of learners; healthcare students may need access to a healthcare setting)
  • diagnostic quizzes to help you decide if you’re ready
  • advice about routes through the qualification
  • time limits for completion.

Check the Entry requirements section on the qualifications you’re interested in to find out what you need to get started.

To find your postgraduate qualification, visit our A–Z of postgraduate courses or use our course search box below.


Preparing for study

To be successful at postgraduate level, you’ll need some key study skills:

  • finding and reading expert research material
  • critically analysing findings – including statistical analysis
  • using academic convention to present findings, ideas and references
  • reflecting on your work and relating others’ theories to your own.

Our Help Centre has more detailed information on postgraduate study skills, and how to prepare for postgraduate study.