Neuroscience and behaviour

Qualifications Duration Start dates Application period
(MPhil also available)
Full time: 3–4 years
Part time: 6–8 years
February and October January to April
PhD (MPhil also available)
Full time: 3–4 years
Part time: 6–8 years
Start dates
February and October
Application period
January to April

This research area is centred on the Neuroscience Research Cluster, a multidisciplinary grouping of approximately 20 faculty, research technicians and postgraduate research students based primarily in the School of Life, Health and Chemical Sciences. The cluster contains a wide range of neuroscience research expertise, encompassing everything from fundamental cellular and molecular approaches used in the study of neural functioning through to behavioural analyses of complex cognition, mental health and wellbeing.

Our research focuses on the fundamentals of neurobiology and how they underpin cognition and behaviour and how they are impacted in the context of various disease conditions.

Key themes of our research include:

  • Atypical cognition, encompassing research in neurodegenerative and neuropsychiatric conditions, as well as the neurobiology of mental health
  • Learning, memory and attention
  • Motivation Mood and affective state
  • Pathogen avoidance behaviours and disgust
  • Understanding the genetic, biological and cognitive underpinnings of nervous system disorders across the lifespan
  • Neurophysiology and neuropathology
  • Neurovascular biology, focusing on neurovascular architecture, the blood brain barrier and disorders of the neurovascular system

Entry requirements

Minimum 2:1 undergraduate degree (or equivalent). If you are not a UK citizen, you may need to prove your knowledge of English

Potential research projects

  • Development and application of a sophisticated 3D model of the CNS blood-brain barrier
  • Neurobiological and behavioural hallmarks of neurodegenerative diseases
  • Behavioural and cognitive impacts of affective disorders

Current/recent research projects

  • Investigating sensory and motor deficits in ADHD
  • Role of vascular tone in clearance of beta amyloid from the brain
  • Establishing invertebrate models of pathogen avoidance behaviour

Potential supervisors

Fees and funding

UK fee International fee
Full time: £4,786 per year Full time: £15,698 per year
Part time: £2,393 per year Part time: £7,849 per year

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Parkinsons disease 3D illustration

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