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Virtual Campus


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The Virtual Campus (England and Wales only)

The Virtual Campus is a secure, web-based learning environment delivered by a partnership consisting of His Majesty’s Prison & Probation Service (HMPPS), education providers and service suppliers. The Open University is one of those partners.

The majority of the modules we offer in our SiSE prospectus are now available through the Virtual Campus for students who reside in prisons in England and Wales.

Modules will be in the standard OU format which will only work on Hybrid systems in prison. This is the result of work which has been undertaken by HMPPS, Meganexus, XMA and the OU.

Studying through the Virtual Campus delivers significant benefits to students:

  • They are able to view the materials digitally, rather than on paper, particularly beneficial when students are waiting to receive the offline versions of course materials
  • It includes the audio-visual materials in their original format
  • They are able to complete interactive activities such as quizzes and iCMAs online
  • They are able to submit TMAs directly into the eTMA system (via the Secure Relay System and their nominated OU prison contact)
  • It offers a much better study experience and one which is more aligned with general population students
  • It allows students to develop familiarity with IT systems and means they will be better prepared for continuing with OU study on release

Log in details are sent to the OU contact at the prison once students are registered on modules available via the Virtual Campus and as the module start date approaches. We recommend that students do not start using their module website(s) until the module start date.


Should you have any enquiry relating to the OU Portal on the Virtual Campus, please email

If you experience any technical problems with the Virtual Campus, please contact the Meganexus custody team for support.

Telephone:  0800 029 3456

E- mail:



Modules on the VC

The following module websites have been made available on the Virtual Campus server for the 22J presentation (starts October 2022):

A111 A112 A113 A222 A223 A225 A226 A227 A229 A230 A233 A326 A327 A330 A332 A333 A335 A340 A342 A344 A363 B100 B124 B206 B207 B208 B293 B294 B302 B391 D241 DB125 DD102 DD103 DD105 DD126 DD209 DD210 DD211 DD212 DD213 DD215 DD218 DD226 DD308 DD309 DD310 DD311 DD313 DD316 DD317 DD319 DE100 DST206 E117 E119 E219 E235 E236 E302 E304 E312 E314 EA300 K118 K219 K220 K240 K314 K318 KXY324 L101 L112 L113 L116 L161 L185 L192 L193 L194 L222 L223 L226 L310 L313 L314 LB170 M140 M208 M248 M249 M303 M337 M343 M347 M373 MS327 MST124 MST125 MST210 MST224 MST326 MT365 MU123 S111 S112 S206 S215 S217 S283 S284 S290 S294 S397 SD329 SDK100 SDT306 SK320 SM358 SMT359 T213 T313 TB872 TD223 U116 W101 W102 W202 W203 Y031 Y032 Y033