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Learning in an Open World online only conference

Monday, June 14th, 2010
As knowing where we are going, or might go, can help provide a new perspective on where we’ve come from, this conference, 22nd to 23rd June 2010 could help. It is 9am to 5pm and online

There is a blog by organiser Matin Weller here and the programme is here

The OU has a conference every year to share practice and research around learning and technology. This year the event is completely online and open to all. The event will take place across 2 days (22nd and 23rd June), with the synchronous presentations being held in Elluminate and asynchronous discussion held in Cloudworks.

The theme of the conference is ‘Openness in education’ and in keeping with that theme it is open to everyone, not just OU staff. It is an opportunity to engage in dialogue around the four main themes of open content, teaching, learning and access.

If you are interested in ‘attending’ some or all of the conference, please go to the Cloudworks site and also check there for up to date information about the programme, practice sessions and call for contributions. You will need to register on Cloudworks to add any content and to indicate you are attending.

Contributions will be in a web format, such as YouTube, Slideshare, Animoto, which might result in a broader audience, able to engage with the projects and ideas within the Open University, and a discussion which will aid the University in its exploration of the theme of open education.

Many Happy Returns, Jennie Lee

Wednesday, May 19th, 2010

JLB on the Walton Hall site was named to honour Baroness Lee of Asheridge

Jennie Lee, later, Baroness Lee of Asheridge, was born on 3 November 1904. She died in 1988 but if she had lived and was able to attend the forthcoming workshop then it would a good time to offer her birthday wishes. as it wil be held on her brthday, 3 November, 2010.

Opening Up The Open University

Wednesday, May 12th, 2010

The History of The Open University Project is hosting a workshop that, through the prism of The Open University’s development, aims to reflect on debates about learning and teaching, the rationales for and values of higher education and the impact of expanding higher education on British society as whole.

Opening Up The Open University will be held on Wednesday 3 November, 11:00, Seminar rooms 1 and 2, Library and Learning Resources Centre, Walton Hall. For more information see here.

Proposals are invited for individual papers addressing themes related to the University’s development from a wide range of fields including the political, economic, social, cultural and technological.

Possible subjects for papers include:

 – What has been taught; how have content and disciplinary boundaries altered and what influence have such changes had in the outside world?

 – How have pedagogic techniques and tools evolved within the University and outside it?

 – To what extent has the University succeeded in widening participation; and what impact have its efforts to widen participation had on British society and further afield?

 – How successful have course teams been as a method of constructing high quality distance teaching?

 – What have been the implications of collaboration with the BBC?

 – How has the University’s different status affected its development?

 – What has been the effect on the University’s development of being a four-nation university?

 – What can we learn from representations of the University be they fictional or derived from personal experiences?

 – How has the University’s international strategy changed over 40 years?

 – What influence have Tutors, Tutor-Counsellors and Associate Lecturers had on development?

Abstracts of 150-250 words should be emailed to by 9 July. Papers will be selected from those submitted.

We would like to create a network of people interested in these questions. If you would like to be part of that network please let us know. For more information email