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More than 170,000 students are studying OU degree courses right now.

What if I'm disabled?

What if I'm disabled?

If you have a disability, long-term health condition, specific learning difficulty (such as dyslexia), or mental health difficulty, then you are entitled to support.

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Our Open qualifications

Our Open qualifications

With an Open qualification – a certificate or diploma of higher education or a degree – you choose what you want to study to suit your interests or career needs.

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Age is no barrier for studying at The Open University

Our oldest students are in their nineties and more school leavers are choosing the OU than ever before.

Can I find the time?

OU qualifications are designed to be flexible. You can study full or part time, vary how much you do from year to year, or even take a complete break.

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Is my English good enough?

You don't need a formal qualification in English to study with us, but to get the best from your studies you'll need to write and speak to a reasonable standard.

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Do I need a computer?

You’ll need a laptop or a computer and regular internet access, so you can connect with your tutor and other students, use the OU’s superb library and join our lively forums.

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What are the entry requirements?

With the OU, the only qualifications that matter are the ones you leave us with. There are no formal academic entry requirements at undergraduate level, but for some qualifications we may require you to be in relevant paid or voluntary employment. The qualification descriptions will tell you more.

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