Emma finds time for study when the kids have gone to bed.

Paul fits coursework round his shift pattern.

Heidi listens to Shakespeare in the car.

Did you know?

70% of OU students are in full time employment. Most will take six years to study for a degree, putting aside about 16–18 hours a week. You can study full time and get your degree in as little as three years, or you can take longer.

When my first box of materials arrived I felt a bit overwhelmed, but the 'start here' leaflet was very welcome and guidance from my tutor really helped to keep me on track.

You get a Study Calendar with dates for assignments, tutorials, what to watch or listen to and when, when things need to be in – so you can work out a timetable and plan if you're going to be away.

My advice is look at a typical week. See where your free time is, work out where you’ve got a spare few hours, on what days, and think 'that's when I'm going to do my studying', and start to prepare for that commitment.

Top tips for time management:

  • Use the study guide to help you plan.
  • Allocate a realistic amount of time for study.
  • Enlist the support of your friends and family.
  • If you get behind, don’t panic. We can help you find ways to catch up.

Try our time planner

Have you got time for OU study? Take a few moments to think about your average week, then use the time planner below to see how many hours per week you have available to study.

  • Select the timeslots to show times when you can study.
  • To remove a block of time, click on it again.
  • When you've identified all the time you have available, click on the 'Check your time' button and we'll give you some advice.
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