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Accessibility Statement for Volcanoes, earthquakes and tsunamis (S186)

Mode of study

All of this module’s study materials are available online, but the main teaching documents are also provided as two printed books. Online materials are composed of pages of text with images; PDF versions of the books; video clips of several seconds to 20 minutes duration (some transcripts are provided), and activities requiring visits to external websites. There is also online access to a module forum.

Tuition strategy

This module does not provide tutorials, but specialist study advisors can be contacted through the online forums. 

Mathematical and scientific expressions and notations

Mathematical and scientific symbols and expressions are used occasionally in the module. It may be helpful but not essential for you to use such notation within assessment.

Diagrams and other visual content

The study materials contain a considerable number of diagrams, graphs and photographs. Reading, interpreting and producing examples of these is an important part of the study of this module and is assessed. Figure descriptions are not provided. 

Finding information

You will be required to locate, and make use of, third party material online and this is assessed. 


This module has a single end-of-module assessment, submitted online, that consists of six questions.


You will receive generic feedback on your end of module assessment. This will help you to assess your own strengths at the end of the module and identify areas to work on in future study.


All Open University modules are structured according to a set timetable and you will need time management skills to keep your studies on track.

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