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Accessibility Statement for Managing uncertainty through monitoring and control (BGXS013)

Mode of study

All of this course’s study materials are online. Online materials are composed of pages of text with images; interactive activities; audio/video clips (all with transcripts/subtitles); diagrams; some materials also include links to external resources.

Tuition strategy

This 10 hour course has been designed to be self-studied working at your own pace.

Diagrams and other visual content

The study materials contain some diagrams, graphs, and photographs. Reading and interpreting these is an important part of the study of this course. We provide descriptions for all essential figures.

Finding information

You could be required to search for, and make use of, third-party material online.


There an end-of-course quiz to test your knowledge and understanding.


The course is designed to be studied flexibly. You can work through the course materials at your own pace within that time. When enrolling, you will be advised how long you have to complete the course, which will be a minimum of six months.

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