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Certificate, diploma, degree? Our qualifications have helped thousands to achieve their goals. Find out from our students how they made the right choice for them.


Nicola Whitlock

Certificate of Higher Education in Early Years Professional Practice

I've been through a lot and it took confidence to ring up the OU and ask about this course, but now I've finished this qualification I'm wondering why I waited so long! I wanted to further my knowledge and understanding about Early Years education, aiming for a higher-level qualification as the outcome. Studying with the OU I feel I'm a more knowledgeable practitioner overall and can't wait to continue my studies and develop further.

I'm so proud to finish with a distinction on my second module – I now know I'm capable of studying at university level. I've been able to take what I learnt straight back into my role as a Teaching Assistant, which has had a positive effect on the environment, the staff, the children and their families. Hopefully, my qualification will enable me to move forward in my career, moving up to a position with more responsibility.

  • 82% of OU Certificate of Higher Education alumni agree that studying has helped them achieve their personal goals*


Kenneth Brawley

Diploma of Higher Education in Healthcare

I can honestly say my experience with the Open University has totally changed my life. It's given me knowledge and insight into psychiatry and the motivation to progress in my career. People think if you're working full time you don't have time to study, but the OU provides a great way to achieve this – you just figure out for yourself how to fit it in.

So what's next for me? I'm looking to get into psychology, potentially working with survivor groups within the voluntary sector. Now that I've started learning with the OU I only want to learn more, it really has been a life-changing experience for me.
  • 92% of OU Diploma of Higher Education alumni agree that studying has helped them achieve their personal goals* 


Hina Asif Alam

BA/BSc (Hons) Open

I've always loved studying, but being the main carer for my father-in-law meant that going to a conventional university was out of the question. When I heard about the OU, I decided to find out more as the idea of distance learning appealed to me. I took a break from study after giving birth to my youngest child, and returned the year after as I wanted to complete what I'd started; the OU's support and positive attitude were additional motivators. My tutors throughout were helpful, supportive and encouraging.

Achieving my OU degree has had huge benefits. My knowledge has increased significantly and the whole process of studying has given me more motivation to research and explore other subjects. My personality has also changed; I'm now a more confident communicator and am not afraid to sit exams! I often recommend the OU to others. It's the best place to study, especially if you have other commitments. It's flexible and you can choose whatever suits you and your commitments.

  • 95% of OU Degree alumni agree that their course was worth the investment of time*

*According to the 2018 Employability of Qualifiers Survey, to which 2,981 Open University alumni responded.