New degrees in biology, chemistry and physics

Science is part of our everyday lives and great career opportunities exist inside and outside the lab.

We've just launched three new science degrees, which use our our award-winning, OpenScience Labs to simulate real-life experiments from your own home.

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Student with anatomical model

BSc (Hons) Biology

Inspired by the natural world? Studying our biology degree will enable you to gain a deeper understanding of the foundations of life and the biological processes involved.

View course detailsBumblebee on insect house

BSc (Hons) Chemistry

Learn about the structure, properties and reactivity of molecules. This fundamental knowledge plays an important role in our understanding of the world.


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BSc (Hons) Physics

Develop the knowledge and skills needed to explore the smallest and largest scales of the Universe. Learn to describe, analyse, test and explain phenomena in the physical world.

View course detailsInternational space station