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Environment Degrees

Choose environmental studies, environmental science or environmental management. Study a second subject alongside environment, like geography. You might want to look at the environment route through our design and innovation degree or our international studies degree. Alternatively, consider the energy and sustainability route and the environmental technologies route through our BEng. Or include your choice of environment modules in our combined STEM degree or flexible Open degree.

Group of students carrying out environmental survey on a beach

Honours Degrees (9)

  1. BA (Honours) Environmental Studies
  2. BSc (Honours) Environmental Science
  3. BSc (Honours) Environmental Science (Environmental Management)
  4. BSc (Honours) Geography and Environmental Science
  5. BA (Honours) International Relations
  6. BA/BSc (Honours) Design and Innovation
  7. Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)
  8. BSc (Honours) Combined STEM
  9. BA/BSc (Honours) Open degree

Integrated Masters (2)

An integrated masters combines undergraduate and postgraduate study. Specialise with a Master of Environmental Science. Or look at the energy and sustainability route and environmental technologies route through our MEng.

  1. Master of Environmental Science
  2. Master of Engineering