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Accessibility Statement for An introduction to intercultural competence in the workplace (LG004)

Mode of study

All of this course’s study materials are online. Online materials are composed of pages of text with images; interactive activities; audio/video clips (with transcripts). Some online materials may also include links to external resources, and the Course-wide forum.

Printed materials are not provided for the course content. However, you are able to access the web pages in alternative formats (PDF, Word for screen readers, ebook) from the Downloads area on the course website and print them for your studies, if you wish. You are also able to download all course audio tracks and videos from this area. You will find further useful documents available in Word or PDF format in the Resources area of the course website.

There is no tuition on this course and all study is self-directed. However, a Learning Adviser is present within the online forums.

Working with others

As all study is self-directed, you will not be required to work with other students. The forum discussions provide you with an opportunity to do so if you wish. However, participation in the forums is not compulsory.


This course is non-accredited. There is no assessment.

However, there are quizzes to complete. Successful completion of the quizzes (according to course criteria) results in you being awarded with a digital badge. There are printable versions of the quizzes in the Resources area, if you would prefer to complete them in an alternative format. However, the quiz has to be completed online in order for you to achieve a digital badge.


There is no schedule. The course is designed to be studied flexibly. When enrolling, you will be advised how long you have to complete the course, but this will be a minimum of 6 months. You can work through the course materials at your own pace within that time.

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